Présentation sur le thème : Test systems for analysis of air supply systems in fuel cells in automotive use

Présentation de Holger Bolz (Director Project & Sale) à l'occasion de Hannovermesse 2015

Regardez la présentation en anglais de Holger Bolz (Director Project & Sale chez KRATZER AUTOMATION) sur Youtube.


Conclusion de Holger Bolz :


Market requirements for eCharger test benches are:

  • Capability of running a wide variety of test
  • Broad operation range of all parameter (Flow, temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • Flexible set up for future requirements
  • Capability of automated (unmanned) testing

KRATZER AUTOMATION will achieve this through:

  • Set up of modular test system with high expansion capability
  • Integration of all systems into the automation system in order to reach a high automation degree
  • Provide a wide range of system experience 

Screenshot: Watch the speech of Holger Bolz

Das Frauenteam des SC Inhauser Moos in den neuen - von KRATZER AUTOMATION AG gesponsorten - Trikots.