KRATZER AUTOMATION opens new subsidiary in Michigan, USA

To meet growing demand for their test systems in the U.S., KRATZER AUTOMATION has opened a subsidiary in Madison Heights, Michigan.

As multi-national software solutions company KRATZER AUTOMATION provides R&D Test Systems for the automotive industry and specifically for e-mobility, turbochargers, powertrain and drivetrain applications.

With their first U.S. subsidiary located in the heart of Metro Detroit’s Automotive Corridor, KRATZER AUTOMATION’S customers can now benefit from a direct and on-site point of contact. “We take great pride in the personal relationships we have with our customers, and we are very pleased with this opportunity to strengthen our presence in Michigan and the United States”, said Detlef Naundorf, COO of KRATZER AUTOMATION.

The new subsidiary will be responsible for software engineering, project management and sales in North America. Initially, manufacturing of the test systems for the North American market will take place in Europe to ensure the highest level of quality.