Keyvisual: Radial compressor test bench for eCharger and fuel cell applications

Radial Compressor Test Bench

Radial Compressor Test Bench for eCharger and Fuel Cell Applications


The radial compressor test bench is designed for testing of radial compressors which are mainly used for combustion engines and fuel cell systems. The device under test (DUT) can be investigated under steady-state or transient conditions.

Functional description

The test bench enables to set the desired flow or pressure level in order to vary the compressor operating point. It is possible to set up the test bench in two configuration modes for different test purposes. In compressor open-loop configuration the pressure at compressor inlet and the backpressure or mass flow at compressor outlet can be controlled. The closed-loop configuration enables to control the compressor inlet temperature and pressure. Controlling temperature and pressure in closed-loop configuration allows to simulate 2-stage compressor charging systems.

The use cases are:

  • Steady-state compressor mapping in open and closedloop mode
  • Transient compressor operation
  • Flow control
  • Pressure control
  • Temperature control

The customer benefits are:

  • Fast response and precise pressure and flow control
  • Modular and flexible concept for enhanced compressor testing
  • Easy to maintain and robust against contermination
  • Also suitable for fuel cell components

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Bild: Flyer Radialverdichterprüfstand für eCharger und BrennstoffzellenanwendungenBild: Flyer Radialverdichterprüfstand für eCharger und Brennstoffzellenanwendungen