Keyvisual: Test benches for exhaust gas components

Exhaust Gas Components

Test benches for exhaust gas components

Ever shorter innovation cycles and the trend in engine development towards smaller internal combustion engines with exhaust gas turbocharging place high demands on the development and testing of engine and associated components. Especially in the early stages of development of exhaust gas-flowed components such as exhaust manifold, turbocharger and catalyst the system helps introduce innovative test systems and methods to reduce the development time.

For the simulation of technical engine parameters KRATZER AUTOMATION delivers a test system on the basis of natural gas combustion chamber test benches. KRATZER AUTOMATION offers thermodynamics test benches for exhaust gas turbochargers in different performance classes, which enable a wide range of tests and measurements. The combination of these possibilities characterizes the thermodynamics test benches from KRATZER AUTOMATION and turns them into a powerful tool for the measurement of exhaust gas turbochargers in steady-state and transient operation.

For stability and durability tests, KRATZER AUTOMATION offers endurance test benches in different performance classes, to be able to reflect the heavy stress of exhaust gas turbocharger and exhaust gas system with regard to vibration, expansion and thermal shock encountered during long-term, yearly vehicle use for developing and testing future systems.

Advantages of our hot gas test benches:

  • Complete system
    Test benches and software from a single source
  • Innovation
    Repeatable and comparable hot gas test up to 1.200°C
  • Efficiency
    Optimized test processes save time and money
  • Sustainability
    Environment-friendly through almost pollution-free natural gas combustion

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Prüfstände für Komponenten im AbgasstrangPrüfstände für Komponenten im Abgasstrang