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Robot Driver

The Automatic Robot Driver system utilises advanced technology and design techniques to meet the high demand of endurance testing with the precision of control for exhaust emission and performance testing.

The Robot Driver system provides automated control capability for driving vehicles on a chassis dynamometer in a variety of test applications. The modular design and use of carbon fibre materials ensure that the robot is installed in the test vehicle extremely quickly. With an automated learn routine all the vehicle’s driving controls are learnt quickly and effectively. The sophisticated automation system can be fully integrated with our chassis dynamometer control system or as a “Stand Alone” unit providing the user with many benefits including:

  • Rapid installation (3 mins) and auto learn
  • Accurate and repeatable control of the drive cycle
  • Climatic (-40°C /+50°C) as standard

Applications include:

  • Customer specific and regulatory vehicle testing
  • Vehicle exhaust emission testing
  • Vehicle mileage accumulation testing
  • Climatic / Environmental vehicle testing
  • NVH testing
  • Powertrain testing
  • Transmission testing


The automatic Robot Driver system is designed for control of vehicle gearshift, foot pedals, and ignition functions.

Features include:

  • Advanced algorithm design to provide high repeatability for emission development work
  • Pedal actuator contact force measurement for automated set-up procedures
  • A fully automated, intelligent programme to learn the vehicle’s drive functions, including ignition key control
  • Sophisticated control techniques to provide a “human driver” style for realistic testing

The unit is designed for quick and simple installation using modular assembly and no requirement for fixing the actuators to the pedals.

As a result of the Robot Driver’s control capability and flexibility, it provides:

  • Full “journey simulation” – replay of recorded vehicle driving data from the road or track
  • Customer defined drive cycles using the sophisticated scheduler which includes conditional and logical loops, modular construction and arithmetic functions
  • Regulatory pre-defined drive cycles


Control may be ‘stand-alone’ or fully integrated with a chassis dynamometer system providing flexible solutions for various test situations. Pedal actuators are available for throttle, clutch and brake – manual, automatic or semi-automatic gearboxes and ignition key actuator. The sophisticated control algorithms ensure accurate control of gear engagement combined with sensitive clutch and throttle balance for optimum driving performance.

Fully automatic set-up capability provides auto-gear position, keyswitch learn, pedal positions and clutch bite point learn. The system has in-built safety protection and automatic emergency shut down in the event of vehicle or system fault.

Important features of the system include:

  • Measurement and control of individual gear engagement force
  • Gear change speed control
  • Auto-learn gear positions
  • Multiple gear configuration for left and right-hand drive vehicles
  • Accommodates automatic, sequential and electronic clutchless systems
  • Synchro protection logic
  • No load once gear is selected
  • Seamless integration with chassis dynamometer system
  • Accurate repeatability to fully confirm with Euro 6 and US drive cycles

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