Keyvisual: Electric motor simulator for the testing of power electronics

Power electronics test bench

Power electronics test bench incl. e-motor simulator

Development and quality protection for electric powered vehicles requires comprehensive tests of each component including areas such as energy storage, traction-inverter and the electric motor. Beside the test of all of these components in combination on an electric motor test bench with a high voltage battery, exclusive testing of the inverter has high importance. We provide especially for that purpose power electronic test benches including electric motor simulation and optional battery simulation.


Test Benches consisting of the following key components:

  • Supply voltage inverter for few power supply backlash- affected power connection including energy recuperation
  • DC-Voltage intermediate circuit (DC-Link)
  • HV battery simulation
  • Electric motor simulator (AC module)
  • Integrated electromechanical model for imitation of permanently excited synchronous machines
    Emulation of different rotational speed and position sensors such as resolver, sinus-cosinus-encoder, incremental-encoder
  • Test chamber with connection box and error simulation
  • Conditioning of coolant
  • Metrology with power analyzer
  • Simulation of on-board power supply
  • Automation solution with PAtools TX
  • Options:
    • Brake chopper for energy absorption at power failure
    • Real time simulator with simulation of usual rotating field machines on FPGA basis with high speed power electronics interface
    • Climate chamber


The test bench allows flexible tests of different inverters eliminating the need for lengthy modifications. In contrast to electric motor test benches, shaft adaption is not necessary. As a result, normally occurring critical rotational speeds in association with mechanical resonances will not appear.

Malfunction settings and fault conditions, which are difficult to achieve can be easily simulated at the test benches:

  • Short circuits of phases
  • Short circuit to ground
  • Failure or absence of single phases
  • Interruption to HV battery

There might also be the requirement to use either integrated motor models or external, customer specific models. Already proven solutions on FGPA basis are available to give customers the opportunity to implement custom models via MATLAB/Simulink. The output-vector of the motor model will be transferred synchronizing with 120 kHz sampling rate to the power electronics unit. In the same way, internal or external battery models can be used.

Limited values and model parameters will be configured within the automation system PAtools TX. The automation system regulates all sub-systems including measurement capture and online analysis. Typical tests include functional tests, efficiency tests, endurance tests and reproducing movement cycles and driving profiles.

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Leistungselektronikprüfstand mit E-Motor-SimulatorLeistungselektronikprüfstand mit E-Motor-Simulator