Header: Dynamic oil conditioning for mobile use on test stands

Dynamic oil conditioning

Dynamic oil conditioning for mobile use on test stands

System properties

  • High dynamics for pressure and temperature
  • Control types: pressure control, volume flow control with pressure limiting
  • Independent mobile system with touch panel
  • Integration into the customer's safety concept
  • Features no-drip quick couplings

Customer benefits

  • Defined reproducible test conditions
  • Selectable fieldbus interface (EtherCAT, Profibus, CAN)
  • Optional design and adaptation based on test requirements and customer requests
  • Easy integration into test stand automation with different fieldbus systems
  • Mobile tool for examining the thermal management of oil-cooled components

Fields of applications

Many automotive components such as exhaust gas turbochargers, transmissions and bearings require a supply of oil when used in the vehicle for power transfer, lubrication, damping and heat dissipation. Conditioning systems on the test bench simulate the oil circuit in the vehicle and ensure the oil supply for the components. The development of dynamic oil conditioning by KRATZER AUTOMATION incorporates reproducible test conditions with high accuracy levels. These are essential preconditions for ensuring the quality of thermodynamic and mechanical component testing. The modular concept allows hydraulic-, thermal- and control-related aspects to be flexibly adapted to future test requirements. By means of dynamic oil conditioning, both steady-state and transient testing of components can be conducted in a very extensive working range for pressure, temperature and volume flow.

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Dynamic oil conditioning for mobile use on test standsDynamic oil conditioning for mobile use on test stands