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Climatic / Environmental Testing

Today’s vehicles are expected to perform reliably and to specification in the extreme range of conditions experienced across the world, from sub-zero conditions in Antarctica to the humid heat of the tropical rain forests.

It is essential during a vehicle development programme that the vehicle is tested in facilities which can simulate every kind of driving condition.

We have a range of specialist dynamometers to provide accurate and repeatable road load simulation, speed, force, and acceleration control. Variable speed cooling fans can also be provided to reproduce the required air flow simulation.


Our chassis dynamometers for climatic testing are available as standard in single roller, 2WD, 4WD and independent configurations.

The precision manufactured rollers are available from 0.5 m to 2.5 m in diameter, running in rolling element bearings which may be temperature controlled according to the application. Roller assemblies can be coated to increase tyre traction.

Trunnion mounted AC motors which compensate for system losses and simulate road load forces, vehicle inertia, and gradient are mounted on the dynamometer base frame. Insulated floor plates and roller covers protect the motors from extremes of temperature.

The dynamometer base frame can be mounted on a moving carriage to provide wheelbase adjustment to accommodate different vehicles. Roller centres can be set automatically as part of the road load model information, or set to the user’s specific dimensions.

The test bench is equipped with the PAtools real-time system and a distributed I/O architecture.

Typical Operating Conditions

Temperature range  -40°C to +60°C
Humidity range5 to 95% RH
Altitude range+100 m to 4000 m

Typical Specification

Speed range  250 km/h
Absorption power per axle150 kW
(65 – 250 km/h)
Force per axle8300 N
(0 – 65 km/h)
Inertia simulation range700 – 5500 kg
Wheelbase adjustment4000 mm
Roller diameter1600 mm
Width1000 mm
Spacing750 mm

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Chassis Dynamometer suitable for different applicationsChassis Dynamometer suitable for different applications