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Chassis Dynamometers

We supply a range of vehicle test system products to the automotive and commercial vehicle markets, specifically designed for testing:

  • Passenger cars
  • Light to heavy duty trucks
  • Motor cycles
  • Buses
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Specific component subassemblies

Our vehicle test systems include chassis dynamometers that are of modular construction with innovative mechanical design and efficient, high response electrical inertia simulation. Control is provided by high accuracy computer systems utilising distributed I/O architecture interfaced to a Microsoft Windows™ graphical user interface.

Industry standard test cycle programmes are incorporated within the powerful software as well as the facility to generate customer specific test sequences. Data acquisition and display is provided in real time and off-line as required.

Our award-winning Robot Driver system and automatic fuel system are just two additional advanced technology options that enable us to provide a complete automated test solution.

Exhaust Emission Testing

Exhaust emission testing is performed under strictly controlled environmental conditions, to specified test schedules under simulated driving conditions using human or robot drivers.

Endurance Testing

Endurance testing systems provide full 24 hour unattended vehicle testing under automatic control.  Vehicle and component ageing can be analysed within a controlled environment, or exposed to prevailing weather conditions. Our automatic fuel supply system is a common addition to this facility to support continuous testing and safe working environment.

Quality Validation

Vehicles are taken from the production line at random or in a planned sequence for quality validation checks.

Specialist Testing

High performance application software controls the dynamometer to simulating a full spectrum of road load scenarios. This enables specific tests to be performed under laboratory conditions. Typical system configurations include 2WD, 4WD or 4x4 independent roller dynamometers.

Standard Vehicle Test Systems include

  • 48 inch diameter roller chassis dynamometer with electrical inertia simulation
  • Centre-mounted or in-line electrical machines
  • Robot Driver
  • Automatic fuel supply system
  • Controllable air speed simulation fans
  • Data acquisition system
  • Data analysis and visualization

At a Glance

Applications as varied as:

  • Climatic test, simulating extreme hot and cold operating conditions
  • Low noise (<45dBA)
  • Airstream simulation
  • Prolonged high speed operation (>250 km/h)
  • Condensed vehicle life tests (>100,000 km)

Various AC motor and roll configurations are available, either in-line, or centre mounted. Inertia simulation ranges cover motorcycles to heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

Low maintenance, high efficiency, reliability and precision are standard criteria across the range.

Real-Time Control with PAtools TX

  • Distributed I/O control system architecture
  • Ultra-fast response times
  • Inertia verification with real-time output
  • Modular software for maximum flexibility
  • Modular hardware for dynamometer control, customer I/O, data logging, external control, monitoring and communication
  • Data logging, analysis, easy fault diagnosis, modern support and real-time graphics packages as standard.


  • Robot Driver for endurance, emission and other applications
  • Cooling fan – fixed or variable speed
  • Programmable drivers aid system
  • Automated test scheduling
  • Range of training packages

PAtools TX User Interface

  • PC based user interface, integrated within a Microsoft Windows™ environment
  • Common server for multibed applications
  • Customer configurable

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Chassis Dynamometer suitable for different applicationsChassis Dynamometer suitable for different applications