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Chassis Dynamometers

Our computer controlled vehicle test systems are normally arranged to provide a total test package at the end of the vehicle production line or to meet the need for a stand-alone test station, for example in development, quality audit, or post rectification tests.

The test stand can be configured for different kinds of tests, such as – function, brake, ABS, EDS, ESP, ASR, AWD, etc. – for car, commercial vehicle, tractor or motorcycle testing. It is possible to have all this testing capability in a single test machine.

The rollers of the test machine are designed with an inertia appropriate to the vehicle mass. This ensures the vehicle on test accelerates and decelerates close to normal road running conditions.

Main Features:

  • Function, brakes, ABS, ESP, EDS, MSR/ASR tests
  • Vehicle-specific functional tests by the simulation of individual driving curves
  • Test of vehicles with different wheel bases and tracks on the same test stand
  • Minimal cycle time through 4-motor direct-drive-concept
  • Recovery of energy into network
  • High reliability

We offer different kinds of rolling road test stands, single roller machines and also twin roller machines. Both these machines are available with the NEW! drive technology and frequency controlled asynchronous drive motors at each roller.

Roller Diameter:900mm500mm
Roller distance inner to inner edges:700-900mm700-900mm
Roller distance outer to outer edges:2100-2300mm2100-2300mm
Wheel base adjustment:2300-3000mm2200-2800mm



Min. simulated mass:  900kg 
Max. simulated mass:1600kg
Additional weights:300kg
Power of one drive:31.1/55kW
As an option by same dimension:60.1/70kW
Max. Speed:200 km/h
Acceleration up to 120 km/h:2.7 km/h
Max. deviation during acceleration:<2%
Max. deviation during constant speed:
0-9.9 km/h:<1%
10 - Vmax:0.2%
Force at the roller in range < 10 km/h2200-5000 N/AC drive(Dependant on Roller drive config)
Test rig for     Trucks  Trucks  Tractor
Design for testing vehicles with axles522
Roller diameter[mm]500-600500-600412
Roller distanceInner to inner edge[mm]500500800
Outer to outer edge[mm]330033003300



Mass Simulation
Mechanical (1) Minimum [kg] 2000 2000 2000
Electrical (1)Maximum[kg]900030003000
(1) = depending to involved test rig axle(s) respectively vehicle's drive variant



Power per AC Drive  [kW]  175  60  110
Total AC Drives in test rig1044
Maximum test speed[km/h]16014080
Maximum deviation during acceleration[%]<2<2<2
Maximum deviation at constant speed
                                    0 - 9.9 km/h[%]<1<1<1
                                    10 - Vmax[%]
Force at the roller in range <10 km/h[N]10000600022000



Wheelbase adjustment  1st - 2nd axle   [mm]  1800 (fix)  1460 (fix)  2200-3300
2nd - 3rd axle[mm]2100-4800./../.
3rd - 4th axle[mm]1400 (fix)./../.
4th - 5th axle[mm]1300 (fix)./../.
Other dimensions (e.g. for wheel base adjustment) and AC Drive configurations are available