Header: Test stands for battery simulation of hybrid and electric vehicles

Battery Simulation and Test with VES3

VES – Vehicle Energy Systems

Vehicle Energy Systems VES3 are specially adapted to the requirements at test bench operation. Therefor they include convincing features:

  • Highest dynamic and precision
  • Noise reduced
  • Integrated battery models
  • Performance range 10 kW to 1050 kW available
  • Double performance by parallel connection at full dynamic
  • Comprehensive security features
  • Various possibilities for integration into a test bench environment
  • Current and/or voltage ripple up to 15 kHz

Wide Application Range

Typical operation fields of VES3:

  • Battery simulation
  • Test of electric motor drives and inverters
  • Use as energy drain for fuel cells
  • Test of particular electrical components such as DC/DC converter
  • Battery testing

Next to high dynamics, these energy systems are characterised by a wide control range and extensive control concept. This allows them to operate various loads with capacitive, ohmic and inductive characteristics. All hybrid components can be tested and simulated with a vehicle energy system. To double the power capacity, two systems can be connected and operated in parallel.

The use of the latest IGBT technology makes our new systems more silent and compact. Our portfolio of standard vehicle energy systems is rounded off by mobile systems with engine-power classes of up to 250 kW.

Automation and HIL-Simulation

For the communication between measuring equipment and automation systems we provide all common bus systems. This also covers a fast EtherCAT interface.

For simulation purposes you have the choice of using onboard models or the possibility to integrate own models. These models can be calculated on FGPA boards with high sampling rate. Therewith, the behaviour of simulated components will be calculated in real time and forwarded to the vehicle energy system as current or voltage reference value. For that purposes, a high speed interface with 40 kHz data sampling rate is available. The MATLAB Toolchain supports model creating with MATLAB/SIMULINK.


Vehicle Energy Systems - Battery simulation and battery tests with VES 3Vehicle Energy Systems - Battery simulation and battery tests with VES 3