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A compact listing of our huge range of solutions for the automotive industry.



PAtools TX - Flexible Test Bench Automation

PAtools TX - Flexible PrüfstandsautomatisierungPAtools TX - Flexible Prüfstandsautomatisierung

PAtools is the new tool for the automation of all types of test systems. The multiplicity of our deployed systems ranges from test benches for single components up to complete test centers. “Software for Efficient Processes” is our theme for open, flexible and user friendly test systems.

PAtools TX & testXplorer-Suite - Integrated Testing

PAtools TX & testXplorer-Suite - Integrated TestingPAtools TX & testXplorer-Suite - Integrated Testing

In the same way as production and development are being linked today (develop for production) the test field must be integrated into the product development process. And as in the first case economic aspects of cost-effective manufacturing are in the focus, test fields must also operate with highest efficiency and shortest process times. Though test stand automation has largely been introduced today, the organization of activities in a test field and a corporate-wide provision of test results are only inadequately supported by software solutions. But optimally organized test field operation and its integration into the product development process comprehend considerable potentials for cost reduction.

PAtools FPGA Board

PAtools FPGA Board - Integrated High Speed Simulation in PAtools TXPAtools FPGA Board - Integrated High Speed Simulation in PAtools TX

The PAtools FPGA Board expands your test stand automation with PAtools TX to include ultra-high-speed simulation and control functions. 

Application Modules

Applikationsmodule für effiziente LösungenApplikationsmodule für effiziente Lösungen

With PAtools TX you have chosen a software automation system with which you can ideally realize the wide range of demands on your different testing applications. Now you can use the extensive range of centrally generated and centrally managed application modules to further optimise your whole system. Give your application a modular structure and hence reduce the complexity of your solution.

PAtools TX Training

PAtools TX TrainingPAtools TX Training

Our training opportunities start with beginners and customers who want to acquire basic knowledge about the operation and functionalities of PAtools TX. It extends further from intensive training courses to expert training courses in which special expertise is taught. Refer to our documents to find the most appropriate training form for your needs.

Air supply test benches for fuel cell applications

Luftversorgungsprüfstände: Prüfsystem für BrennstoffzellenanwendungenLuftversorgungsprüfstände: Prüfsystem für Brennstoffzellenanwendungen

Air supply systems provide the necessary oxygen for operating a fuel cell stack or system from the air, depending on the requested power, by compressing the air to the optimum pressure and by providing the required mass flow. KRATZER AUTOMATION offers test systems matched to your requirements for the development and quality assurance of such air supply systems. The test benches vary the air with regards to mass flow, pressure, temperature and relative humidity.

Air Conditioning Unit

Ansaugluftkonditionierung: Dynamische Luftkonditionierung zur Simulation von AufladesystemenAnsaugluftkonditionierung: Dynamische Luftkonditionierung zur Simulation von Aufladesystemen

The dynamic air conditioning unit (ACU) simulates charging systems for mono-cylinder or multi-cylinder engines on the test bench. The ACU enables two main fields of applications.

Dynamic oil conditioning

Dynamische Ölkonditionierung für den mobilen Einsatz an PrüfständenDynamische Ölkonditionierung für den mobilen Einsatz an Prüfständen

Many automotive components, for example exhaust gas turbochargers, transmissions and bearings, require a supply of oil when used in the vehicle for power transfer, lubrication, damping and heat dissipation. Conditioning systems on the test stand simulate the oil circuit in the vehicle and ensure the oil supply for the components. The development of dynamic oil conditioning by KRATZER AUTOMATION incorporates reproducible test conditions with high accuracy levels.

Chassis Dynamometers

Chassis DynamometersChassis Dynamometers

We supply a range of vehicle test system products to the automotive and commercial vehicle markets, specifically designed for testing: Passenger cars, light to heavy duty trucks, motor cycles, buses, agricultural vehicles, specific component subassemblies.

Battery simulation and battery test with VES4.1-c

The vehicle energy systems VES4.1-c are specially adapted to the requirements of test bench operations. Typical areas of application: Testing of batteries, battery simulation, testing of electric drive machines and converters, use as an energy sink for fuel cells, testing of individual electrical components such as DC/DC converters.

Battery simulation and battery tests with VES3.1

Vehicle Energy Systems - Batterie-Simulation und Batterie-Test mit VES 3Vehicle Energy Systems - Batterie-Simulation und Batterie-Test mit VES 3

DC power supplies are the essential part of test systems for electrical components and alternative drives with wide-ranging requirements.

VES3 48V series

VES3 48V-Serie: universelles System für Batteriesimulation und BatterietestVES3 48V-Serie: universelles System für Batteriesimulation und Batterietest

48   V onboard power supply systems offer new technical possibilities in electrification of vehicles. From electric powered components via effective start-stop-systems up to mild-hybrid powertrains. The 48   V series vehicle energy system VES3 serves to test energy storage, electrical components and powertrains with 48   V board net on the test bench.

Battery test systems


We offer tailored solutions for the development and quality assurance of automotive batteries – from the individual battery test stand up to the complete test field. For this we analyze your requirements and create a concept from the layout up to the operation of the test stands. Beneath the technical properties of the test stands we pay particular attention to the efficiency during operation.

Electric motor test stands


Drive concepts for hybrid and electric vehicles are based on high-performance compact three-phase machines with corresponding power electronics. KRATZER AUTOMATION provides scalable, automated electric motor test stands for testing and characterizing these drives in the development process. Typical applications for these test stands include efficiency studies, thermal studies, endurance tests and dynamic tracking tests with vehicle simulation. Other tests are used for function development.

Power Electronics Test Bench including E-Motor Simulator

Leistungselektronikprüfstand mit E-Motor-SimulatorLeistungselektronikprüfstand mit E-Motor-Simulator

Development and quality protection for electric powered vehicles requires comprehensive tests of each component including areas such as energy storage, traction-inverter and the electric motor. Beside the test of all of these components in combination on an electric motor test bench with a high voltage battery, exclusive testing of the inverter has high importance. We provide especially for that purpose power electronic test benches including electric motor simulation and optional battery simulation.

Fuel Cells

Prüfstände für Brennstoffzellen-TechnologiePrüfstände für Brennstoffzellen-Technologie

Test Systems for Alternative Drive Concepts and Fuel Cells

Test Beds for Exhaust Gas Turbochargers

Prüfstände für AbgasturboladerPrüfstände für Abgasturbolader

Developing and optimising exhaust gas turbochargers calls for test benches that enable mass flow, temperature and pressure conditions to be set up as required and precisely reproduced. This is particularly important for recording maps and analysing efficiency. Our turbocharger test benches are a particularly efficient tool for this purpose.

Variable Venturi Tube

Variables Venturi-RohrVariables Venturi-Rohr

The variable Venturi tube is a flow meter based on a Venturi nozzle that works on the differential pressure principle. Different cross-sections can be set in a measuring tube through variable adjustment of the flow cross-section, thereby significantly increasing the spread of the measuring range. The VTflX 1800/3600 combines the advantages of an increased spread with the advantages of the measuring principle of the Venturi nozzle. The variable adjustment can be traced back to position measurement. The measuring accuracy of this system is < 1%.

Test Stands for Exhaust Gas Components

Prüfstände für Komponenten im AbgasstrangPrüfstände für Komponenten im Abgasstrang

The tendency to ever shorter innovation cycles for diesel and petrol engines, the desire for less fuel consumption, stringent legislative emission regulation and increasing engine power poses a great challenge to the development and test methods of the suppliers of components mounted in the vicinity of the engine.

Powertrain Test Systems


High standards for convenience and drive dynamics together with strict statutory regulations place high requirements on vehicle development. The powertrain plays a key role in all of this. The different powertrain topologies, including hybrid drives, result in high overhead for development and testing. At the same time financial objectives must be achieved in ever shorter development times. The powertrain test stand is an important means for achieving this objective. Its purpose is to ensure simulation results and wide-ranging examinations such as functional development, control device coordination or durability tests with endurance runs, and to optimise hardware and software.

PWM Generator

PWM-Generator zur dynamischen Ansteuerung von automobilen Aktuatoren mittels Pulsweitenmodulation. PWM-Generator zur dynamischen Ansteuerung von automobilen Aktuatoren mittels Pulsweitenmodulation.

PWM generator for the dynamic control of vehicle actuators using pulse width modulation.

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