Key visual: Yard management with Shunters

Yard management with Shunters

Managing Shunting Trucks and Transport Units

Plan, monitor and control all yard movements, with and without shunters. You will see, it is very hard to achieve it without a yard management system.

But what are the challenges of your yard management and how to meet these challenges?

"Are these also topics that cause inefficiencies in your Yard Management operation? In the following Case Study you can read how you can master these operational challenges with the right software.".

Peter Phillips (Business Solutions Manager)

Daniel L. (Yard dispatcher): „With the desktop application and the app I have all my yard movements and activities under control. I send the orders to the shunting vehicles by pressing a button – The results are high productivity of the operational processes on the yard and reduced downtimes.“

cadis Module

cadisYM - Yard Management