Last Mile Logistics

Last Mile Logistics

Solving the Last Mile Problem

The final section of the journey to the customer, the last mile logistics, is often underestimated regarding the challenges faced by your drivers. This is reason enough to examine the issue “last mile logistics” in greater detail.

„If this sounds familiar to you, be sure to read our case study. Learn how your drivers can master the daily challenges encountered during a last mile delivery operation more effectively.“

David Burder (UK Country Manager)

CIO Jürgen Wolfert says: „We are more than satisfied with the performance of KRATZER AUTOMATION. As an IT manager, I know about the challenges involved when changing from one system to another. With the professionalism shown by KRATZER AUTOMATION both the technical change and the rapid implementation and training of our new staff was very successful. It is unfortunately very easy to get used to the improvements made by cadis which bring extremely high transparency and flexibility. We together with our customers take it almost for granted.“

Process within the Transportation Chain

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