Key visual: Dispatching with a Delivery Route Planner

Dispatching with a Delivery Route Planner

The Challenges of Route Planning

Your dispatcher can only meet the logistical challenges successfully with a powerful Delivery Route Planner.

He needs a software for route planning, which increases the planning quality by integrated route optimization and at the same time reduces transport costs.

“Do your dispatchers also have to deal with the same or similar challenges? In the following Case Study, we describe effective solutions in scheduling.”

Peter Phillips (Business Solutions Manager)

“My initial skepticism regarding the new delivery route planner was absolutely unfunded. Now I cannot imagine my work without cadis.”

Jack A. (Dispatcher Secondary distribution)

Peter Baumann, CEO at 24Plus is impressed with the solution:
"Every additional pick-up order that is processed by one of our partners increases revenue on the one hand and enhances customer satisfaction on the other, all due to a more flexible scheduling system." At the same time Baumann considers concrete reduction of costs, particularly due to the electronic signature. "Electronic documents are as a rule of thumb about 20% cheaper in handling than paper documents, which amounts to a considerable sum with 6 million shipments a year."

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