Schlüsselbild: TH - Terminal Handling

TH - Terminal Handling

TH – Terminal Handling

Optimize storage turnover and increase performance.

Functions of cadis TH Scan:

  • Loading, unloading, scan, photos
  • Monitoring of process steps


Additionnally to above functions you'll get the following:

  • Calculation of storage locations
  • Priorization of shipments
  • Inventory

Additionnally to above functions you'll get the following:

  • Planning of line hauls
  • Way bills

cadisAPP for cross-dock workers

cadisAPP for cross-dock workers is a professional transport and logistics application designed to document the cross-dock  processes loading, unloading and inventory for freight carriers, postal, express, retail and manufacturing industries. The application is compatible with all smartphones or mobile devices from Android 4.1 onwards.

Rules Engine

The Rules Engine is a central component of cadis that allows for the building of decision trees based on multi-criteria rules. With this tool, the dispatcher has the ability to define rules for the automated assignment of pick-up and delivery orders  to local traffic routes or for the determination of planned storage locations of goods on the terminal. The Rules Engine also applies to product or customer-specific mobile workflows which can be displayed conveniently for review.