Key visual: Pre-departure checklist with vehicle in cadis

Vehicle checks

Drivers have to perform regular vehicle checks and to document them in order to observe legal requirements and for ensuring the safety assurance of your fleet.

Checklists in form of paper documents

Paper documents are mostly used perform and record vehicle checks. But this this method of recording has many more disadvantages than benefits.

Checklist cadis

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  • Printed templates always have to be kept in stock
  • Filing of paperwork work required
  • If deficiencies occur then time is wasted in recording and communicating the issues
  • The completed list is only available after the end of a journey


  • No IT system required
  • Possible immediately

      Digital vehicle checks with cadis

      There are many good reasons for the digitalization of the vehicle check process.

      Available in several languages

      The cadis mobile application is guiding the driver (in his own language, if required) through the different vehicle-specific check points. If defects occur – depending on the type of damage – the driver can additionally mark the damages in form of a digital drawing or enter a short description text.

      Mandatory and optional checks

      Generally a difference is made between mandatory and optional checks.

      All mandatory checks i. e. the functioning of brakes have to be performed without any exceptions. In addition checks can also depend on various conditions i. e. the check of a starting aid equipment or the carrying of an ice scraper which can be required depending on weather conditions.

      Automated evaluation

      After running through all relevant test points a final evaluation is displayed by the system. If critical defects occur a message is displayed and the departure is not authorized.

      Archiving system

      After approval of the vehicle check result the dispatcher can call up all vehicle check forms on the display in cadis control. For long-term storage the forms can be exported to an archiving system.


      • Available in several languages
      • Paperless process
      • Automated transfer of completed vehicle check forms to the dispatching team
      • Configurable checklists with lists of mandatory vehicle features for inspection
      • Entry of damages in form of a vehicle diagram
      • Approval of checks via digital signature
      • Creation and archiving of vehicle check forms including graphics and signatures