Key visual: Truck navigation with cadis, the TMS from KRATZER AUTOMATION

Truck navigation

Truck navigation

Reliable truck navigation assists the driver to deliver orders on time with suggestions for the optimum route.

Route restrictions such as low underpasses, bridges with weight limits and bans on heavy traffic are automatically taken into consideration in the truck navigation and save the driver from unpleasant surprises and detours.

With its mobile components, the operational TMS cadis offers practical and efficient truck navigation.

cadis eliminates the need for time-consuming typing of the destination address, as the mobile device component already knows the destination address from the transmitted order.

The driver merely has to select the next customer in the cadis order list and  start. The integrated truck navigation system will then guide him to his destination.

The mobile unit with the integrated truck navigation system doesn't need to be permanently installed in the vehicle. The vehicle type for which the navigation is to be provided is defined in the configuration.

Advantage: If the mobile unit is to be used in a different vehicle, the configuration with the vehicle data is simply changed.


  • Shortening of the travel time by determining the best possible route
  • Quick and simple operation
  • No permanent vehicle installation
  • The current traffic situation is taken into consideration
  • Vehicle-independen