Key visual: Track & Trace with cadis, the operational TMS

Track & Trace

Track & Trace

cadis provides Track & Trace within the transport chain down to package level.

All the information transmitted from mobile devices for Track & Trace is displayed to your dispatchers on the cadis user interface.

Starting from the loading of the shipments in the depot through to deliveries and pick-ups along the route finishing with the unloading of shipments not delivered at the end of the route.

The dispatcher can thus constantly monitor the status and location of every shipment in real-time.

Thanks to the control of processes by the mobile devices during loading, collection, delivery and unloading, Track & Trace can be configured to the desired degree of detail.

Integrated security mechanisms ensure fault-free and safe transmission of data packages, not only during shipment tracking.

Thanks to its flexibility, cadis is used in the transport, distribution, courier and postal sectors.


  • Real-time information in response to customers' queries
  • Support for analysis work in the event of quantity issues and damage
  • Proof of delivery information