Keyvisual: Sequence optimization of stops

Sequence optimization of stops

Sequence optimization of stops

During the planning process, after having built routes, cadis suggests the ideal sequence of both delivery and pick-up stops by calculating the optimal itinerary whilst still observing all restrictions. Driving time together with mileage are therefore optimized. Each delivery or pick-up stop is assigned with a planned time of arrival (PTA). The sequence of stops gives the chronological order for the loading of shipments (in reverse order). The driver is supported during the entire process of the route. During the route, the estimated times will be updated in regular intervals (ETA).

Range of functions

  • Calculation of the optimal stop sequence
  • Integration of all assigned pick-up and delivery orders
  • Consideration of time schedules, shipments’ characteristics and operational restrictions
  • Display of the calculated route in the form of charts and on a map
  • Opportunity for the dispatcher to define a position manually
  • Continuous calculation of the updated stop arrival times during the route