Key visual: Route optimisation with Route optimisation software from cadis

Route optimisation

Raising savings potential with the cadis route optimisation software

Cost savings, quality improvement and better working conditions for dispatchers and drivers. If you want to achieve this, you cannot do without software-supported route optimisation. Intelligent algorithms independently create tours from transport orders and vehicle resources, taking into account all relevant logistics specifications. Intelligently used route optimisation is suitable both for daily business with strongly fluctuating transport volumes and for fixed delivery areas with predefined framework routes.

Where does the saving come from?

Planning tours is one of the most complex tasks in logistics and the demands are constantly increasing. The dispatcher has to observe more and more and at the same time stricter restrictions (e.g. narrow delivery time windows, drivers' working hours, environmental zones, vehicle restrictions, etc.). At the same time, he is forced by the high cost pressure to ensure maximum utilisation of the resource driver and vehicle.

Since he can only roughly estimate the driving time between the stops and the expected standing time at the customer's site, intuitive (wrong) decisions are often made. Especially when a multitude of boundary conditions must also be observed, which a human being cannot possibly keep in mind. An algorithm that works on the basis of practical driving and stopping times and takes all restrictions into account will make better planning decisions in most cases.

This means shorter overall operating times for the entire vehicle fleet and a reduction in total kilometres. With a larger fleet, consistent route optimisation can even lead to permanent vehicle savings.

A simple example

In the above example, 21 stops are handled in the same delivery area. In the left-hand diagram, the dispatcher had planned this manually with 3 vehicles. The figure on the right shows the same stops after revision with a route optimisation algorithm. One vehicle could be saved. Due to the omission of the arrival and departure of the saved vehicle, the total deployment time and the total distance travelled are reduced.

Optimisation of fixed route plans

If the order quantities are almost constant and the starting points are constant, "fixed" tours are often used (e.g. for weekly beverage deliveries). These tours have proven themselves in everyday life, the driver knows the stopping points and the planning time for the dispatcher is low.

However, as soon as a new stop is added, a scheduled stop is dropped or the transport quantities change significantly, the planning should be reviewed. If a vehicle breaks down, a rescheduling is necessary anyway. In all these cases, route optimisation software can help by generating a reliable plan in just a few minutes.

10 strong reasons for cadis®

  • Standing times of customer stops adapt to the quantities and can be individually stored for known delivery and pick-up points.
  • Selectable optimisation priorities allow flexible adaptation to individual conditions. Our experienced staff configure the system so that it delivers the optimum result for you at the push of a button.
  • Pre-disposition by rules maps your special cases. The orders are automatically sorted into tour groups by individually definable rules (e.g. hazardous goods, bulkiness, etc.) and then optimised by algorithm.
  • Monitoring of the routes driven through real-time communication with the vehicles. You can see on the map where the vehicles are and which jobs have already been completed. Deviations from the target route are detected through visualisation of the routes actually driven.
  • Live traffic messages allow you to detect a possible deviation from the precalculated arrival times ahead of time. This allows you to inform the recipient in good time in the event of an expected delay. It also facilitates the planning of subsequent tours.
  • Vehicle availabilities can be preset. This means that the optimisation algorithm takes into account the time availability of each individual vehicle for each day of the week.
  • KPI monitoring with meaningful dashboards allow permanent monitoring of the dispatching targets (punctuality, stops per tour, etc.) in the optionally available cadisBI module.
  • Support for driver and dispatcher via Android app and web app. The latter does not have to be installed and allows a simple digital connection of occasional drivers via their own mobile phone.
  • Predefinition of the stopp sequence reduces the need for the driver to coordinate before the start of the tour. cadis® automates determines the optimal approach sequence of the stops and supports the loading process so that the goods are loaded quickly and in the correct order.
  • Modularity and scalability allow flexible adaptation to your needs. Thus, the cadis® software remains future-proof, even if you open up new business fields tomorrow, your company grows strongly and new tasks are added.