Keyvisual: Temperature monitoring in cadis®

Temperature monitoring in cadis®

Requirement for continuous temperature control

Temperature-sensitive goods require continuous monitoring and recording throughout the entire transport chain. The GDP and HACCP regulations prescribe this. If documentation is missing or incomplete, the loss of follow-up orders and considerable economic consequences are to be expected.

cadis® takes the work off your hands

Regardless of whether a consignment or package passes through several transhipment depots or several vehicles are involved in the transport chain: cadis® keeps track of everything and generates the required temperature certificate at the push of a button. There is no need for the time-consuming and error-prone manual allocation of many individual temperature curves. The required documents are available immediately after delivery and the administrative transport processing can be completed quickly.

The temperature record

After delivery of the goods to the recipient, cadis® generates a PDF document with all important consignment data and a continuous temperature curve from collection to delivery within seconds, when required.

Ensuring the temperature chain with cadis®

During the course of a route, temperature-controlled goods frequently change their location. With each transfer, whether within a handling depot in a warehouse or into or out of a vehicle, the new location is checked by cadis® to ensure that it is suitable for the prescribed temperature range of the goods. If the destination location is not permissible for the goods, a warning is issued immediately.
In this way, costly restriction violations within the cold chain can be prevented right from the start.

Where cadis® supports you

Relevant business sectors

Food transport

Satisfied customers

What our customers like

  • Productivity gain due to elimination of manual creation of temperature curves
  • Immediate availability of the cold chain evaluation
  • Ability to supply temperature information to your customer portal
  • No post-processing effort, as the PDF file is ready for dispatch
  • Simplified company certification through our cross-process and cross-location logistics software
  • Continuous curve progression in one diagram even with multiple transhipments
  • Standard integration of data from various telematics providers
  • Exact time definition of temperature data even with different time zones

„Continuous temperature control along the supply chain is no problem for cadis®. The automated creation of temperature certificates drastically reduces your personnel costs. At the same time, the required certificates can be sent your customers more quickly which in turn will speed up the invoicing process.“

David Burder (UK Country Manager)