Key visual: Digital Maps

Digital Maps

Digital Maps

The collection and delivery addresses, the current location of vehicles, the current traffic situation, additional stop information and route details are all displayed on digital maps for dispatching and monitoring purposes.

The digital maps are integrated in cadisPUD and cadisFTL modules and support the logistics processes of primary and secondary fleets as a geographical information system.

Digital map is optionally available in connection within our mobile navigation solution as an addition to our mobile application.

The cadis Digital Maps function contains:

  • Mapping
    Orders and vehicles are represented on an electronic map. For this, a mobile device on which cadis is installed is required in the vehicle. The dispatching process of the orders can occur directly on the electronic map by using the drag & drop function. The display of relevant additional information i.e. traffic information or waiting times brings other benefits during the planning and dispatching of orders.
  • Geocoding
    All orders are geocoded automatically. The coordinates of the collection and delivery address are identified in order to be able to display them on a map.
  • GPS (tracking)
    The vehicles are equipped with mobile devices (optional with built-in GPS receiver) and regularly send their position to cadis.
  • Route monitoring
    Maps display the estimated time of arrival (ETA) which is calculated on an ongoing basis and compared with the planned time. Discrepancies are detected in real time and sent automatically as a message, depending on the configuration.


  • Simplified dispatching through easy-to-use handling with drag & drop.
  • Introduces clarity for routes operating in unknown areas.
  • Critical situations can be rapidly detected and additional data i.e. current traffic information or waiting times can be easily seen.
  • Take full advantage of the optimization information through the planned vs. actual route comparison.
  • Saving of time through the automated geocoding of addresses.