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Business Intelligence

BI - Business Intelligence

Making the right decision made easy

KPIs provide valuable insights into daily business

Our range of functions

cadis BI Connect:

  • Access to the BI analysis database
  • Interface and schema description

cadis BI Analyse & Connect:

  • Access to the BI analysis database
  • Interface and schema description
  • Important predefined KPIs
  • Visual Analytics


  • You can use the Business Intelligence functionality of cadis as tool for your transport process optimization – also across depot processes.
  • You can increase productivity by easily highlighting trends in form of interactive or formatted reports.
  • You can integrate third party data from other sources and create new reports in the dashboards.
  • You can obtain important business insights with the performance analysis functions and determine trends and problems.


  • Data storage separated from the live operational database which helps optimize the performance for both the reporting and operational functions
  • Data is constantly updated between the analysis solution and the live operational monitoring environment
  • Clear visual displays allows for easy operation
  • Export functionality
  • Integration of other sources (e.g. telematics)
  • Dashboards with KPIs overviews
  • Intuitive handling
  • Multidimensional drilldown: e.g. globally, locally, for each depot, freight forwarder, vehicle
  • Rapid change of perspectives due to an easy filter process
  • Ultrafast building of dashboards
  • Web-based responsive design  
  • Authorization management (user rights)
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