Keyvisual: Software Solutions

Software Solutions

cadis® - Range of products

cadis offers a broad range of functionality for transport managers, dispatchers, drivers, depot employees and customer service staff. 




  • Mobile order processing
  • Order and route monitoring
  • Controlled loading
  • Check and generation of route manifests
  • Route planning
  • Optimization




  • Loading, unloading, scan, photos
  • Monitoring of process steps
  • Calculation of storage locations
  • Priorization of shipments
  • Inventory
  • Planning of line hauls
  • Way bills




  • Inbound and outbound transports
  • Check-in and registration
  • Recording of gates and yard locations
  • Monitoring of units
  • Planning of gates and yard locations
  • Execution of transport tasks within the yard




  • Global view on shipments
  • Global view on loading areas
  • Inter-depot solution finding
  • Considering local and long distance traffic
  • Automatic pre-dispatching




  • Operational performance indicators
  • Performance data from local, regional, national or corporate view
  • Product and customer-specific KPIs
  • Support for quality and account manager
  • Global views with drill-down functionality