Schlüsselbild: GTP - Global Transport Planning

GTP - Global Transport Planning

Global Transport Planning and Shipment Tracking

Global view of shipments across branches: end to end shipment tracking, automatic shipment routing, synchronization of shipment data and routing information among depots involved in collection, primary and secondary distribution.

Optimize transports through cross-site planning and control with global shipment tracking.

  • Management of transport connections
  • Fully automatic network shipment routing
  • Transmission of consignment data to the transhipment points
  • Recalculation in case of deviation from the planned route
  • Global tracking along the entire shipment route
  • Automatic lead time calculation
  • API integration capability for third-party software

Your Benefit

  • Competitive advantage through flexible configuration of routes in the logistics network
  • Consideration of individual transport requirements
  • Reduction of unnecessary delays through fast and automatic redirection of shipments in case of incidents
  • Avoid errors and misunderstandings by real-time monitoring and message exchange between all participating depots


  • Flexible route parameters
    Route selection based on weighted shipping criteria (e.g. transport product, customer, weight, date, time, day of the week).

  • Shipment history
    All activities relating to a shipment can be traced.

  • Shipment chat
    Shipment-related communication between the staff of the involved depots

  • Web interface
    Feature rich web-based user interface with optimized user experience

  • Wizards
    Simple configuration of complex transport connections through system-guided data entry