Schlüsselbild: FTL - Full Truck Load

FTL - Full Truck Load

FTL - Full Truck Load

Document orders and track in real time.

Functions of cadis FTL Drive:

  • Mobile documentation of orders
  • Monitoring of trips


Additionnally to above functions you'll get the following:

  • Management of sub contractors
  • Data via telematics or Web App


Additionnally to above functions you'll get the following:

  • Dispatching long-distance traffic
  • Transport orders

cadisAPP for drivers

cadisAPP is a professional transport and logistics application designed to document transportation processes for freight carriers, postal, express, retail or manufacturing activities. The application is compatible with all smartphones or mobile devices from Android 4.1 onwards.

cadisWEBAPP for drivers

The cadis web app offers the opportunity to easily integrate drivers operating outside of your own managed fleet. After having received an internet link, subcontractors, interim and occasional drivers can consult and process transport orders via a website. To do this, you only need a smartphone, a tablet or a notebook connected to the Internet. Software installation is not required.