Keyvisual: Quality and availability

Quality and availability

Quality and availability

Premium quality from the start of the project through to live operation.

Our internationally experienced managers conduct projects of every size with a high degree of industry knowledge and motivation. With certified project managers the project planning and management is executed to predefined plans and time scales. As well as proactive risk management, these activities also include numerous measures for quality security.

Within the software development process we guarantee through the use of regular code reviews a high quality of source code. Our objective is an error-free software solution. In addition we carry out performance tests, regression tests for software upgrades together with user tests via product managers and system integrators as part of the quality security. We do everything to execute the software implementation as securely as possible. Our customers can thus use their new system right from the start in a very efficient way and realize the expected operational and financial gains in a short space of time.

During the operation we ensure with our experienced managers the seamless availability of both the software and mobile hardware: Technically qualified contact persons are on call to support during the first line problem reporting process. A proven system expert is also available in the background as a regular ‘expert level’ support for our users. This ensures our customers receive the continuous support availability that is required in logistics operations and underpins the reliability of cadis.

This is the standard by which we will be measured.