Keyvisual: Overview of our hardware solutions around cadis – the operational TMS

Hardware solutions

Modern mobile devices

Take advantage of the possibilities offered through the use of modern mobile devices. We make solutions available with which your employees can work optimally.

Software and hardware must be exactly coordinated. It is the only way to ensure the use of all applications and to reach the required reliability.

All our mobile solutions are tested according to their function and ease of use on the latest devices of well-known manufacturers. This is the only way for us to give reliable statements about availability, good accessibility and continuous user behaviour. KRATZER AUTOMATION evaluates and validates regularly new hardware components. We check the relevant characteristics i.e. usability, robustness or battery duration with systematic tests. These will be performed and documented by our service specialists.

Thanks to our experienced hardware knowledge we are able to recommend adapted mobile devices from different manufacturers for your own requirements. Many of our customers require specific device characteristics for their business – we are prepared for all scenarios with a comprehensive portfolio of mobile adapted devices, additional equipment and alternatives.

In the context of our mobile device management service we take care of the software installation and the distribution of mobile devices to the different subsidiaries or depots of our customers. We are also responsible for mobile device management and procurement processes offering exchange devices, consumables and spare parts. By doing this, your employees always remain operational.

With our financing service we support you by offering various financial framework options.

Purpose-developed solutions

The great benefit and the efficiency of logistics software lies directly in the reliability and the user-friendliness of the hardware. Every operational requirement can be equipped with an adapted mobile hardware according to your requirements: These could include hard area applications with high protection requirements or a refrigerated area within the warehouse or hardware required during delivery activity including individual requirements in terms of form and functionality.

Well-known manufacturers

We chose mobile devices form well-known manufacturers in order to be able to ensure high quality and availability. We only release a hardware option to you once the software has been tested without any problems on our mobile devices. An after sales service with comprehensive maintenance options available from manufacturers forms part of our complete package.

Customized financial models

The investment in mobile device can be handled individually according to your requirements with appropriate financing templates. Purchasing a mobile device is one option as is monthly leasing over a fixed time period.

Mobile device management

We make sure that your employees are always equipped with fully operational mobile devices i.e. defect-free devices with appropriate software. We ensure the functionality of your mobile devices via remote maintenance.

With our 24/7 support, it is no longer necessary to carry out service and repair visits. Under performing devices are detected before the user notices a problem. By performing the maintenance of devices ahead of time your employees always have an operational device available.

Professional software distribution ensures that all devices or device groups are provided automatically with the appropriate update. It is not necessary to collect them.

Rapid repairs

Defect devices will be fixed in a short space of time. During the time it takes to repair we make replacement devices available via proven exchange programs for our customers. Your employees can rely on their mobile device for their daily tasks.