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Integration responsibility

Integration responsibility

Every company thinks differently. Recurrent processes together with unexpected issues which change planned activities tend to determine daily tasks. Existing and proven IT environments can help provide a continuous and seamless operation.

With cadis we rely on this practice. We implement cadis according to the existing interfaces of your IT infrastructure. We make sure that all required data can be exchanged with other existing relevant systems.

Your operational activities are not interrupted during the installation and integration of cadis into your IT environment. The transition phase can start in test mode only when all system and user interfaces are developed and integrated and your employees have performed training or have being instructed.
Different implementation strategies are possible. KRATZER AUTOMATION can implement using various methods which are adapted to the existing IT environment through points of reference in the software. A very experienced project team is always available for pilot phase and roll-out processes. The permissions and rights are clearly stipulated as everything is from one source. Last minute modifications and unpredictable issues can always be managed.

After the transition phase has been successfully completed, we continue to look after our customers. As well as an operational support service for devices and infrastructure we also offer overall system diagnostics and recommendations for better operational productivity.

Everything from a single source

We offer consulting, software and services from one source. An expert contact person is available for every situation. Do not hesitate and contact us if you have questions. We will answer your questions and deal with your requests as quickly as possible.

Seamless data flow

cadis is integrated into existing IT landscapes and communicates seamlessly with numerous different systems. ERP applications, databases, user management, archiving system solutions and geo information systems are just some examples. No matter how your IT infrastructure is built: we always ensure a seamless data flow.

Secure software version

We have been producing software versions for numerous years. Every update and every new version is reliably documented and can be comprehensibly integrated at any time. We ensure upwards, downwards and parallel compatibility. Different versions of cadis can be operated in different domains of your organization, as required.

Installation and operation

We ensure that the installation and commissioning of the solution occurs without any incidents for the ongoing live operation. The implementation occurs only when all checks and preparations have been coordinated and have been agreed by you. We look after the training of trainers or the training of users on demand. The installation can be executed in internal or in external computer centres.

Professional roll-out support

A secure commissioning implies comprehensive tests in advance. After pilot operation and other checks in terms of stress and performance have been executed without any problems we will then support the roll-out phase of the software within your company.

Overall system diagnostic

We monitor continuously on demand the installed solution and offer a rapid alert system in order to maintain the constant availability of cadis and the other associated connected systems. Comprehensive analysis to identify potential errors in terms of reason or source (hardware, software, IT network, user, mobile network, third party system) helps the trouble shooting support process.