Keyvisual: System and logistics consulting

System and logistics consulting

System and logistics consulting

Find out how to make our cadis software yours. Let’s bring processes and technology together.

Our first task will be to analyze the performance capabilities and potential of your existing processes and from there we can identify specific areas for improvement down to employee level. Based on this analysis we develop a proposal which is highly relevant to your business. At the same time an experienced industry consultant is made available to help throughout this process. All objectives and requirements right from the start are concisely documented. By doing so, we can build, step by step and efficient and individual concept for your operational business needs based on the range of functions that cadis has to offer. The result is a proposal that is exactly adapted to your IT environment and supports your processes with individual user interfaces which will also adapted to your specific corporate design.

System consulting

A well-chosen combination of different specialized IT systems is crucial for efficient monitoring of all the transportation processes across the supply chain. This doesn’t depend only on the seamless interaction between the applications but also on an intuitive and easy operating experience for the user. Please do not hesitate to contact our experienced consultants. We will help you to find the most appropriate solution for your business. All in one.

Logistics consulting

Digital networking can mean considerable change. What are the best planning and optimization options that will suit perfectly your business requirements and your organization? Which data should be captured and when? When should I be notified if process discrepancies or issues occur? Logistics processes have always to be configured again according to individual requirements. This is another area where we can contribute with our wide ranging experience during the course of a project by offering comprehensive consulting services.

Technical expertise

We have expert knowledge and we speak your language. Our expert teams with logistics backgrounds and practical experience from freight carriers and commerce are the central contact people in terms of technical issues, any questions you may have and when problems occur.

Performance and potential analysis

In addition to our software we can also provide specialized consulting services. We evaluate your route planning, analyze your fleet and create operational recommendations based on your data.

Efficient flow control

How to integrate cadis optimally? Where do organizational processes have to be adapted? cadis will help define processes in a more efficient way or make clear where some activities should become redundant. We will create proposals recommending the best solution possible to ensure the optimal interaction of cadis together with the internal processes within your company. Fully exploit cadis potential.

Seamless process documentation

During the whole process analysis phase, we involve all participants of the supply chain that are involved in the information chain - from the pick-up through to the transshipment and finally to the delivery. This also applies for subcontractors and external employees. We define the optimized data structure and the secure IT processes required for making relevant data and information available for all participants across the supply chain.

Common approach to development

We listen and develop an individually adapted concept according to your requirements and specific operational conditions. We bring our knowledge from the logistics IT sector and combine this with your own expertise.

Software Customizing

cadis is not a rigid software solution: The cadis functionality adapts and scales according to your requirements and internal specifications. With cadis you only need use parts of the solution that you really need and use. With our broad range of software modules we can cover most of your requirements as standard. We can also create individual solutions in case of any special requirements.

IT environment

We offer different opportunities to integrate both software and mobile hardware into your existing IT environment. Data security, availability and performance are always in the forefront when recommending the best solution. We have no constraints when it comes to interfacing to other existing systems. We operate exactly at your required IT level. You can implement the system with your internal data centre or it can be operated by us. Central, local and global. We can do it.