Keyvisual: Logistics & Freight Forwarding Software cadis

Logistics & Freight Forwarding Software cadis

Logistics & Freight Forwarding Software cadis

Are you looking for logistics software that supports your operational processes for road transport?

Do you need new freight forwarding software with a focus on operational transport management or do you want to extend your existing logistics program with innovative functionality?

Do you want to use proactive, proven transport software that has been developed and supported by a well-known European solution provider?


We are a well-established TMS vendor working for many years in the field of Transport Management Systems by providing and supporting our cadis TMS solution.

Our customers operating in the fields of freight, manufacturing, retail and courier/express see us as a highly reliable and trustworthy partner.

The intelligently engineered architecture of our logistics and transport software enables it to meet the requirements of large organizations as well as middle-sized companies.

This creates security for the future as our TMS system is capable of keeping up with the future growth of your company.

The cadis modular solution allows you to cover the entire planning, optimization, execution and analysis process across the supply chain for road transport operations.

Application Areas within Transportation Logistics

Extension of Your Freight Carrier or Logistics Software

Do you already use software designed for freight carrier, ERP system or even company-wide logistics software?

If so you may be faced with a basic problem: Functionality gaps that your current software does not cover, which have gradually occurred over the years due to new market requirements and trends.

At the same time you will be mindful of the concerns around performing a potential software change or upgrade. This is where cadis can help. These gaps can be closed through the modular set-up of cadis without entirely replacing your current software.

This also applies for the future: All cadis software modules are subject to further future development that ensures both suitability and sustainability in the future. Missing functionality becomes a thing of the past.

Let’s briefly explain how we, as an experienced TMS provider will close the system gaps of your freight carrier, logistics or transport software through the introduction of cadis.

The Modular Solutions within cadis

Of course, the advantages of cadis can be seen by deploying an entire solution across the supply chain.

It is also possible to integrate cadis into existing software landscapes in order to optimize processes as an extension to existing logistics software in separate individual areas.

Our experts identify and analyze where cadis can be optimally deployed following consultation sessions with you.

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cadis – The Range Of Services

You only need to focus on the core business while we guarantee seamless availability of software and hardware. We are here to support all your operational needs.

Aspects That Take You Further With cadis

  • Shorter waiting times on site
  • Reduced vehicles due to optimization
  • Time saved in the dispatching process
  • Reduction of execution time during cross-docking
  • Minimize loading errors
  • Reduction of vehicle delays