Key visual: Master Pallet

Master Pallet

Group packages into logical shipping units

Using the cadis® feature "master pallet", consignments and packages are physically and digitally combined into convenient, Logical shipping units. This enables simple and efficient data and process handling at every transfer point in the transport chain. A single scan is enough to apply the system's technical support for loading and unloading for all associated items.

The cadis® master pallet as a process accelerator

The more items handled, the greater the saving. The benefit also multiplies with each depot that the master pallet passes through on its journey to the final recipient. When building a master pallet, the user is supported so that the master pallet can be formed as early as possible and remain in place as long as possible: every movement that can be made with the master pallet instead of handling numerous individual packages is an efficiency gain.

Process acceleration without loss of quality

Despite the clear gain in efficiency, all handling checks are strictly adhered to. For example, incomplete or incorrect loading as well as disregard of dangerous goods limits is prevented by the software.

The feature is particularly suitable wherever many small or medium-sized packages need to be transported efficiently as is the case for many Manufacturers and Logistics companies, Parcel and general cargo forwarders.

Destination depot master pallet

If the master pallet is transported to a depot and broken down, it is called a destination depot master pallet. The master pallet is broken down allowing items to be transported on to different recipients individually or to new master pallet groupings. The following illustration shows (in brown) the route of the destination depot master pallet.

Consignee master pallet

If the master pallet is delivered directly to the final recipient, this is referred to as a consignee master pallet. Since only items for the same recipient are allowed when building this master pallet, it can remain as an entity through the destination depot and into the final delivery. During delivery, the driver only scans the single barcode of the master pallet and the recipient acknowledges receipt of all the items on the Master pallet.

cadis® master pallet at a glance

  • Grouping of items into logical shipping units according to recipient or receiving depot
  • Increased efficiency of inbound and outbound goods at the transhipment centres and during delivery
  • Handling via app and desktop application
  • Protection against process errors (incorrect loading, consignment split, etc.) during transport of the master pallet


  • Transparency through immediate data transfer to all integrated handling depots
  • Significant time savings when handling goods or when passing through the hubs
  • Simplified scheduling in the transhipment centres
  • Consignee master pallet speeds up delivery to the consignee

"By using the master pallet function, our customers significantly increase the efficiency of their processes during loading, unloading and delivery without having to compromise on quality. By using the master pallet function, individual packages are only scanned once when they enter the transport chain providing 100% transparency and speed of handling! If you are interested, we would be happy to arrange a live presentation of the solution. Contact us now via the contact form, by email cadis(at) or by phone on +44-115 9663170"

David Burder (Country Manager UK)