MDE delivery bottlenecks - act now!

Supply chains are strained and the bad news has been piling up since the beginning of the year.

Negative news such as the blockade of the Suez Canal by the container ship "Ever Given", the corona-related closure of the Meishan terminal in the port of Ningbo-Zhoushan in eastern China or the fire in one of the chip factories of the Japanese Renesas Group on the east coast of Nippon are just some of the reasons for delivery delays.

Prices rise dramatically

Delivery delays lead to a shortage of supply and, if demand remains the same or increases, generally to price increases. This can be seen very clearly in the prices for containers from China, which have increased fivefold since the last 12 months.
Even if not everything comes from China, the hardware manufacturer Zebra has already announced a price increase of 5.5% on selected mobile computers and a 7.5% surcharge on mobile computing accessories for 13.09.2021.

Delivery time is incalculable

Until recently, one could trust that devices for mobile data collection were available within calculable and manageable delivery times. Even the supply of spare parts for repairs was not an issue. Now the situation has deteriorated dramatically and will hit some logisticians hard who do not adjust to the situation now.

Act now!

The indispensable digital support of your own operational logistics processes is only possible with a reliable stock of MDE devices. Since a short-term procurement of devices is almost no longer possible, you should definitely increase your own stock of replacement devices.

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