Last mile dispatching as it should be

Collaborative planning and dispatching at a glance - Insights from Kim Seufert (product owner business unit Logistics Automation)

At a depot providing last mile services the dispatchers are one of the major players, when it comes to make things work. We focused a lot on them and we tried to make their job as easy as we can with providing them valid information for their shipments by making scanning information from the inbound traffics available right where they need it. We also tried to improve visualization of tour-stop-shipment (order) structures with the tour monitor and integrated the loading processes close so he knows what is going on there. While on the trip execution he has as much power over the execution as he might get.

But wait… What about his colleague over there – he is managing a small fleet providing exactly the same service as our well known dispatcher. But his tools are limited and poor, just because he works as a subcontractor but in the end he is facing the same challenges, providing the same service and contributes just as much to the customer satisfaction with delivering goods in highest quality. It just feels not right and it is in the end harming our overall performance. In the end he might decide to better work with modern tools in a more friendly environment as we provide him, and he might leave and we have to face his challenges as what they really are… ours / yours.

With the Area Freight Forwarder Enhancements cadis strives for changes this, giving a so called Area Freight Forwarder advanced features to plan and execute his tour with state of the art tools, while his focus is limited to the shipments and resources allocated to him. This features might be accessed not only when at a specific workplace, but might also be available using a smartphone or tablet, which might give him an opportunity to win some more time as soon as information are available and make the best decisions possible or gaining some more reaction time to peaks or lows in the shipment structure.
This concept will work for subcontractors or even for departments within the organization, that take over responsibilities for dispatching and execution for an specific area, maybe specific products or specific businesses.

We believe with the Area Freight Forwarder Enhancements we offer a great solution for collaborative work in the field of last mile dispatching, empowering those Area Freight Forwarders to not only deliver the quality the customers do expect, but also improve their tooling and workflow by integrate them directly into cadis.