Is Big Data just a buzzword ...

… or a real operational lever?

cadis Business Intelligence helps decision-makers to gain distance from their daily operations and provide them the appropriate info to make the right strategic decisions for their business.

The use of BI and Big Data allows them to detect recurring patterns in their operations to identify processes that need improvement.

Digitalization has brought transporters and logisticians more data than they can handle. However, the volume, heterogeneity, and multiplicity of these data create a huge problem: what to do with all this data and how to use it?

cadisBI takes up these challenges and is a secure database that centralizes data from cadis, telematics services, and any other operational or functional measuring point and puts them into perspective in dynamic and interactive KPI tables.

By making this information available in real-time – via a secure web portal – to the various players in the transport sector, they can identify the sources of malfunction and quickly find areas for improvement.

What if you already have a BI or KPI solution?

cadis integrates seamlessly into your ecosystem via dedicated APIs (BIConnect). These APIs allow you to import cadis transport data into your customer portal in real-time.

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