Improvement in all areas!

Optimisation is often integrated into operational processes, but what about the impact on employees?

cadis optimises the different steps of the supply chain transport process and improves the working conditions of drivers, terminal workers, and dispatchers:

  • For yard management, cadisYM replaces talkie-talkie exchanges against a web application for the yard driver. The mobile application interface displays the necessary information for yard movements, guides the driver, and automatically documents the performed operations.
  • While on tour, cadisPUD supports the drivers and allows them to validate the carried out operations. It documents any potential problems they face. The information is automatically transmitted to the dispatcher which can intervene immediately if necessary.
  • In your branch office, cadisTH allows you to modify the routes & tours quickly according to the arrival or absence of shipments from other sites.

But software without people is nothing, which is why KRATZER AUTOMATION is not only a software editor but also an integrator.

  • An integrator when our teams implement the solution in your Data Centres or in SaaS architecture,
  • An integrator when our teams work with you during the project phases, during the deployment, and after the transition to production.
  • An integrator when we use software components and hardware from the best players in the market.

Your teams and ours work together to simplify everyone’s daily life.

The cadis software suite and the KRATZER AUTOMATION team are therefore the solution to achieve your RSE goals and minimize your staff turnover.

Come and discuss your projects and meet our teams on the SiTL D89 stand from 13 to 15 September 2021!