IER announces its partnership with KRATZER AUTOMATION France

Cooperation between consultancy and software company in the field of TMS-marketing.

IER, the French industrial designer of solutions (a subsidiary of Bolloré group) and the French subsidiary of KRATZER AUTOMATION, the German software company have signed a strategic collaboration agreement in the field of TMS (Transport Management System). The Track & Trace Business Unit of IER (approx. 230 employees) which was created at the end of 2015, will now use its technical resources together with its sales capabilities in order to market and implement the integration of the cadis TMS solution of KRATZER AUTOMATION for its customers (i.e. freight carriers, courier/express, commerce/retail and logistics service providers) for fleets of more than 200 drivers.

From left to right : Jacques Trépant, Executive Director Operational Western Europe at KRATZER AUTOMATION and Christophe Agaësse, Director of “Track & Trace” at IER


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