EUROTRANSPHARMA plans, executes and analyses its operational processes with cadis the operational TMS



Eurotranspharma is a leading French logistics provider specializing in the area of healthcare products. It has the largest European transport network that is fully dedicated to healthcare product transportation offering both express and parcel delivery for ambient and controlled temperature conditions. Eurotranspharma network covers several countries across Europe (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Slovenia) and backed by 12 regional offices and 3 hubs and operates a fleet of 450 vehicles.
Nevertheless, good distribution practices require the installation of a quality management system in order to ensure the successful storage and distribution of healthcare products. A solution like cadis which has been used at Ciblex since 2008 has proved itself able to fulfil such customers’ requirements. In addition, this solution was the only one on the market which could manage perfectly both express, parcel deliveries (single parcel delivery) together with freight carrier activities.

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