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24plus logistics network, a co-operative for general cargo, form an established traffic network with defined service standards for full-coverage LCL freight and logistical value added services. 24 plus has made the decision to use cadis in 18 depots and on approx. 600 mobile terminals (type MC95). cadis is used to handle pick-ups, dispatching and deliveries. The communication in cadisMOBILE occurs via WLAN and GPRS. The tracking module also makes the dispatcher’s work easier and things more transparent. Via the connection of cadis to the central database of 24plus, the information relating to the orders during the delivery process can be added with customer-specific information regardless of host system. The additional information is used to manage/control customer/order specific processes on the mobile scanner.

The members of the CargoLine group (Pfefferkorn, Gaston-Petersen, Jeschke and Maier) use cadis as a system for the tracking of shipments.
Motorola MC96 mobile scanners allow for up-to-date and online handling of loading by terminal emulation as well as delivery and pickup by GPRS. 8 depots with about 350 vehicles for local traffic - assisted by cadis - serve the clients. Photographs from the integrated imager are used for the documentation of damages and help to make the logistics chain more transparent.

DB Schenker Germany embarks on its 5th generation of DB Schenker on-board communication with KRATZER AUTOMATION. The complete fleet of approx. 2,700 vehicles in the short-distance traffic of single dispatch items has been redeployed on a new generation of Motorola MC95 barcode scanners and all subsidiaries have been equipped with the cadis system for scheduling control. Meanwhile, the international subsidiaries in Switzerland, Denmark, United Kingdom, Belgium and Netherlands also have deployed this standard solution.
The functionality of the 2nd generation of the Logistics Process Platform (LPP) cadis is also used to control terminal handling and in the hubs. DB Schenker is focusing on current 650 PSION Omni XT10 handheld scanners with WLAN and BT. The control station technology is displaying all information regarding incoming and outgoing shipments for transshipment as well as for inventory scans. Also shipping documents and dangerous goods documentation can be printed in addition to the electronic data output.
The function cadis KPI provides analysis, display and a tracking of all shipments across branch offices in each respective country.

DPD is known for its high levels of expertise in the area of mobile systems. The German company DPD, a subsidiary of GeoPost, has engaged KRATZER AUTOMATION to implement the organization of its mobile communications in order to control the traceability of their transported goods on an international level.

CIBLEX, based in France and expert in handling express deliveries, use cadis in more than 120 branch offices, on around 150 work stations as well as on 2,300 mobile devices, for the tracking of shipments and for the whole operational handling of their deliveries and collections. The shipments tracking system along with other available modules such as order entry, local traffic, terminal handling, tracking, administration of master data, reports, statistics and key performance indicator (KPI) allows CIBLEXto consistently track all shipments in cadis, from the pick-up of an order to its delivery. Motorola MC75A terminals are used as mobile devices.

The overnight specialist GO! has installed cadis using the modules Loading, Delivery, Pick-up with scan, Courier routes, Unloading, Messages, Navigation, Tracking in more than 60 branch offices.

The IDS Logistik GmbH, based in Kleinostheim, has equipped more than 3,600 of their local transport vehicles with new hardware and software solution. The general cargo network invested almost 7 million euros in the operational transport management system cadis which provides real time information between depot based schedulers and drivers.

The logistics service provider Logwin provides the new solution, cadis from KRATZER AUTOMATION to its customers, employees and partners to provide an optimal service for the delivery and pick-up of goods and other associated services.
Four branch offices with 80 workplaces use the KRATZER AUTOMATION logistics software in connection with 140 Motorola MC95 scanners in their vehicles. Communication is carried out via GPRS. The new cadis system is deployed in the areas of delivery, pick-up and handling of local transport as well as in service and communication. At present, about 1,800 delivery orders and 1,100 pick-up orders are processed daily at the four locations of Nuremberg, Gochsheim, Ludwigsburgt and Kempten.

VTL Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik GmbH Fulda has decided to use the transport management system (TMS) cadis form KRATZER AUTOMATION. The logistics group can now provide its system partners with a modular software platform enabling it to handle all operational transport processes from pick-up through to delivery. The associated logistics service providers can control and monitor their workflows better this way, further optimizing their processes and increase the competitiveness of the business over the long term..
30 partners are already using the software cadis since the VTL management made the strategic decision to use it. Meanwhile, almost every associated partner disposes of a solution for the delivery scanning.  
cadis is a modular software system with a standard software platform that handles all operational transport processes from pick-up through to delivery. Every VTL partner decides, according to their individual requirements, which function module they want to use within the company. Some optional components such as Terminal scanning, Pick-up, Tracking, Navigation and Reporting of the vehicle data are also available in addition to the basic functions for Delivery scanning, Photo documentation, Distribution equipment control and Loading.