Keyvisual: Practical Examples

Practical examples

What our customers say ...

“During the whole process, the cooperation with KRATZER AUTOMATION was absolutely winsome", says Martin Brückler, Head of the Operational IT & Technical Systems department at Österreichische Post. “Our expert teams have been working for more than six years in close collaboration in different projects and have managed the technical requirements for the successful start of the parcel pick-up station service in a complementary and experienced way. With the introduction of this innovative solution we have increased our service quality and will now offer our customers further attractive options based on our self-service campaign.”

CIO Jürgen Wolfert says:
„We are more than satisfied with the performance of KRATZER AUTOMATION. As an IT manager, I know about the challenges involved when changing from one system to another. With the professionalism shown by KRATZER AUTOMATION both the technical change and the rapid implementation and training of our new staff was very successful. It is unfortunately very easy to get used to the improvements made by cadis which bring extremely high transparency and flexibility. We together with our customers take it almost for granted.“

It is the dedicated objective of Ciblex to maintain its leading position and to extend the distance to the fellow competitors in our core competences where possible. For this purpose, the technological advantage which the group gained thanks to KRATZER AUTOMATION and cadis must be maintained.

Peter Baumann, CEO at 24Plus is impressed with the solution:
"Every additional pick-up order that is processed by one of our partners increases revenue on the one hand and enhances customer satisfaction on the other, all due to a more flexible scheduling system." At the same time Baumann considers concrete reduction of costs, particularly due to the electronic signature. "Electronic documents are as a rule of thumb about 20% cheaper in handling than paper documents, which amounts to a considerable sum with 6 million shipments a year."

GO! CEO Dr. Christoph Stoller says:
„The figures of the first months of the year confirm our expectations to emerge strongly from the current economic crisis."

Branch manager Werner Schelter praises:
"After only four weeks we went from pilot to regular operation with a complete (100%) rollout for drivers. The delivery and pick-up processes are now transparent for all involved. All operational processes have been optimized with cadis. We have not only reduced our paper documents but we are now in an entirely different handling world.“

User reports

GO! optimizes information flows with cadis – the operational TMS

GO! EXPRESS & LOGISTICS is implementing the cadis transport management system from KRATZER AUTOMATION across the company. More than 60 depots and about 1,000 vehicles will be connected to the new software platform in two rollout phases. GO! will then benefit from an integrated solution that covers all operative processes in its transport logistics, from pick-up to navigation and geo-positioning through to delivery scanning. As a result, the company will be in a position to optimize its processes even further and provide its customers with detailed information for shipment tracking even quicker.

cadis at DB SCHENKERfairs

Customized logistics for trade fairs: DB SCHENKERfairs manages fork lift fleet with cadis – the operational TMS. DB SCHENKERfairs, the fairs department of DB Schenker, which offers logistics solutions at trade fairs all over the world, deploys cadis in its fork lift truck fleet. With the TMS from KRATZER AUTOMATION, the company can optimize all operational processes, from the set-up of stands through to the removal of stands at trade fairs and can document the process electronically at any time.

Customer Care Portal for Logistics Providers

KRATZER AUTOMATION has developed an online portal for a leading logistics provider, which can centrally process all steps of complaints management. This system allows the company to examine complaints quickly and efficiently, document all procedures transparently and gain a detailed insight into how service quality can be sustainably improved.

cadis at Logwin Road + Rail

Transparent and flexible − freight transport in the age of GPRS. The logistics provider Logwin (formerly Thiel Logistik) has turbocharged its IT in its business segment Road + Rail Western Europe. Thanks to new scanners and the new solution cadis from KRATZER AUTOMATION, Road + Rail can now offer its customers, employees and partners optimum service when it comes to delivering and collecting

Österreichische Post optimizes parcel delivery

Österreichische Post AG, Austria’s Vienna-based postal services provider, made a strategic decision to re-enter the B2B business – a decision that entailed a complete restructuring of the company’s present IT structure. The change is also intended to realize synergies with subsidiaries such as the German company trans-o-flex. For the areas of delivery and pick-up, Österreichische Post’s hardware and software implementation partner is KRATZER AUTOMATION AG, headquartered in Unterschleissheim near Munich.

cadis at TNT Innight

TNT Innight never sleeps. This transportation company is German and European market leader for overnight express services, specializing in the delivery of time-critical goods within the B2B sector. Consignments arrive during the night, in good time for the start of work the next day, to whatever location has been agreed – a warehouse, workshop, Innight safe, even the trunk of an individual technician’s vehicle. By the time the recipient is ready to begin work all the necessary deliveries are already to hand.

cadis at Schenker France

"The project was a real success not only for the ease of use for the users: drivers, customer service employees, dispatchers but also for the way the project has been conducted as we did not encounter any delays. The organization of the project change allows the teams to absorb entirely this new working style. Depot and operational managers only had very positive feedback of installation and they have asked us to come to see them as a priority!", observes Frédéric Vallet – Director of Freight System France.