Test Systems Worldwide

We provide you with integrated test solutions according to your demand.

With offices in Shanghai, Milan, Paris, Silverstone, Worcester, Detroit, Brno, our headquarter in Munich, and eight more offices in Germany including our pre-commissioning centers, we are wherever you are. KRATZER AUTOMATION is here to support you with the challenges and changes of the automotive industry. Our test systems and integrated test bench solutions will ensure that you meet the demand for modern testing solutions.

Battery simulation, battery testing, power electronics, electric motor test benches, fuel cell test benches as well as conventional testing solutions – you can trust in our experience.

We entered the market for test systems in 1985, delivered our first vehicle energy system for battery simulation in 2004, and are working with renowned automotive brands and partners all over the world. Our flexible and extendable test bench automation software PAtools TX will allow you to automate your different test bench types under one common framework, and testXplorer, our test data management software, brings digitalization and efficiency to every testing lab around the world.

Our teams are happy to discuss how we can improve your testing strategy!