Test more efficiently than ever before!

Test field management with testXplorer!

Managing a test field ties up resources and time. testXplorer, our test field, and test data management system, guarantees efficient control of the complex processes involved. By means of flexible customization of licenses, configurations, and customer-specific add-ins, testXplorer is ideally suited for any company that operates test fields.

With the browser-based solution, you have full control of the digital planning, organization, management, and real-time monitoring of all test field processes. Resources such as test benches, devices under test, measuring devices, and the media required for operation, such as electricity or natural gas, are efficiently included and mapped in a user-friendly manner.

Our new testXplorer leaves nothing to be desired. The individual modules of the testXplorer enable transparent test field management throughout the entire workflow: from the requirement request for an initial test idea to scheduling at the test stand, centralized and automated test data management, evaluation, and internal billing. Automated management of result data reduces administration effort and ensures a high level of security. The functions are fully integrated into your specific IT infrastructure. Compatibility with all measurement and automation systems based on the XML standard is provided.

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