Tackle your cross docking problems at the roots

The depot is the problem area par excellence for many logistics companies.

Often it is only possible to control vehicles and consignments efficiently to a limited extent. Yard and dock thus become central starting points when it comes to improving performance and ultimately optimizing costs.
KRATZER AUTOMATON’s operative Transport Management System cadis tackles these problems at the roots.

With our module cadisTH Terminal Handling, cross docking can be handled with ease. Via Android or web app, you get a transparent overview and detailed information on incoming and outgoing shipments. Automated and manual creation of loading lists and all outgoing shipments is handled digitally and intuitively. The tool allows scanning of great numbers and comprises seal and trailer numbers as well as packages, or pallets. The interfaces can be integrated into existing host systems.

To find more about the functions and benefits of cadis, please visit cadisTH Terminal Handling or talk to our team to get an introduction based on your individual requirements.