Schedule Collisions? A Problem of the Past with testXplorer!

Efficient Test Field Management

Testing relies on repetition. It relies on perfectly accurate and prescient planning, and it is indispensable to keep an overview on the variety of subjects all at the same time. Obviously, you and your team should not have to worry about details but be able to focus on this responsible job, entirely.

Consequently, one of the main objectives of the testXplorer team was to get rid of all unnecessary steps during a testing process to make the workflow as pleasant and efficient as possible.

Our intuitive user interface not only helps your team to be faster but also to avoid mistakes. Schedule collisions are a problem of the past. At first glance, you will be able to identify the available testing periods on your test benches in tX-plan. tX-efficiency manages test bench logs and evaluates run times and downtimes, and processes these based on the shift model. Depending on the license model of testXplorer, you can directly transfer the obtained data to a downstream billing system for further processing. testXplorer is flexible and compatible with other automation systems.

Our team is happy to discuss the options!