PWM Generator for Test Bench Applications

Dynamic control of vehicle actuators using pulse width modulation

Electrical actuators in vehicles, such as throttles, waste gates for boost pressure control or the adjusting device for the variable turbine geometry of exhaust gas turbochargers are often controlled by a pulse width modulated signal. This signal must be assigned directly in test bench applications. KRATZER AUTOMATION offers a new PWM generator for this purpose which features many useful features and can easily be integrated into a test application.

The module is available for mounting on DIN rails in a rugged housing. A CAN bus interface is used to control a test bench automation system. KRATZER AUTOMATION offers a device driver for its PAtools TX automation system as an application module. It is easy to integrate into existing PAtools TX applications.

The PWM generator offers various functions to make work easier for test engineers. In direct mode the clock ratio, direction of rotation and frequency are assigned via CAN and are available directly on the power output. In "Learning movement" mode the end positions of actuators fitted with the required sensors can be determined at the touch of a button. The sensor signal is continuously available from the PWM generator for further processing of the position feedback. In "Automatic" operating mode the PWM generator regulates the position of the actuator independently. The controller parameters of the internal PID controller used for this purpose can be completely adapted via CAN. For applications in automated test mode, the integrated current measurement on the actuator is used to monitor and determine error states on the sensor and actuator.

Modifications in power consumption can be read and further processed as appropriate by the changing behaviour of the actuator. The current for the actuators is supplied directly via the PWM generator through a separate power supply. Currents up to 10A are possible. The generator works with supply voltages between 9 and 28 V and can therefore be used for on-board vehicle power supplies in passenger cars and HGVs.

The PWM generator also supports the SENT protocol in accordance with SAE J2716, and thanks to its rugged housing and readily accessible connections it can be installed and connected in the measuring boom or in switch cabinets with top-hat rail mounting.

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