Customers benefit from long-time partnership

We are cooperating closely with PTV Group since 2003. Together we have advanced numerous technical and strategic projects and made our TMS software future-proof: cadis - the operative transport management system is used in the fields of logistics, parcel service as well as in industry and trade throughout Europe, and now also in Asia. Well-known companies from all sectors trust in cadis oTMS.

A short recap of our now 18-year partnership

Starting in 2006, together with PTV Map&Guide, we support cadis navigation on mobile devices. Two years later, we implement the digital map and shortly thereafter the service for geocoding delivery and pick-up addresses. The advantages are clear: digitization creates mobility, greater efficiency, improved clarity, and flexibility.

The following years are dominated by user experience. Since 2012, further user-friendly improvements are made to the map display. The integration of xTour and xRoute enables our software solution to support our customers even more effectively: For the first time, there is the function of stop sequence optimization of fixed pre-planned tours within cadis. Taking delivery and pick-up windows into account helps to use the available vehicles more efficiently and thus also to reduce the fuel consumption of the tours.

Another milestone is the implementation of the residual route calculation: From now on, our customers are able to provide reliable forecasts of arrival times (Estimated Time of Arrival, ETA), which has a considerable impact on the service quality for the end customer. We all know the convincing advantages of reliable delivery or pickup times from our own experience. An important component here is the integration of traffic information such as road works, road closures, and traffic jams.

Route optimization based on sophisticated parameters

Today, cadis uses PTV Group's integrated developer components for complete route planning. In this process, both the tours are planned according to sophisticated optimization parameters and the loading processes are controlled on the basis of these planned tours.

By working with PTV Group, we have significantly increased the customer value of our operational transport management system. Today, the integration of decision-relevant information enables dispatchers to react flexibly to unforeseen events, to utilize the available vehicle fleet as efficiently as possible, and thus to protect their wallets and the environment at the same time.

Shipment and process information for improved user transparency

By providing all the shipment and process information required in the planning process centrally, we jointly create more transparency for the system user. Improved route planning, cyclical checking of forecast arrival times (ETA), and possible notification benefit not only logistics companies but also end customers.

Especially in the B2B area, the increasing networking of transport and production is a big challenge. You too can master this challenge effortlessly with cadis.

The extent of our customers' trust in the cadis system and the PTV components integrated into it can be quantified: Today, we steer and optimize far more than 11,000 vehicles with our solution.  

We look forward to many more projects with PTV Group!