Pick-up & Delivery – Increase delivery accuracy and improve customer service with cadisPUD!

6 Reasons to visit us at IntralogisteX – No. 3

Only 3 weeks to go! We can hardly wait to be exhibiting at IntraLogisteX Exhibition on July 1-2. Visit us at stand 614 to learn why cadis is the perfect enhancement to your existing freight forwarding software or ERP environment.

We have already mentioned two reasons why you should not miss talking to the team – for example, because it is beneficial for your wallet! With cadisYM, you can intuitively improve the shunting activity and forward planning in the yard. And with cadisPUD, you can save up to 25% of your costs by optimizing the routes.

However, cadisPUD cannot only improve the efficiency of your tours but also considerably increase the delivery accuracy and improve the customer service with flexible order management. During Corona, online orders have reached a new peak and forecasts predict that the volumes will increase significantly over the next couple of years.  

Simultaneously, complaints about courier and package delivery services have increased. Lost packages, broken deliveries, or missing notes - the list is long. Having a safeguard makes sense for all parties involved.

cadis provides Track & Trace within the transport chain down to package level. All information transmitted from mobile devices shows on the cadis user interface – starting from the loading of the shipments in the depot to deliveries and pick-ups along the route until the end of the route. The status and location of every shipment are monitored in real-time and results in a lower stress level for the drivers and dispatchers as well as inevitably higher customer satisfaction.

Constant monitoring becomes especially critical when it concerns temperature-sensitive deliveries, e.g. from the pharma or food industry. Connected to wireless sensors, cadis records temperature variations within a storage area, vehicle, or loading trailer. At the same time, the dispatching team has live access to the recorded temperature data and will be immediately alerted if a problem occurs. With cadis, it is possible to provide a recorded proof of the cold chain on package level. We have prepared a use case for better insight.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss our solutions in detail at the show or virtually.

For more info, please visit us at IntraLogisteX Exhibition at booth 614 or contact us for a presentation.