New Corporate Headquarter in Unterschleissheim near Munich

On July 13th, 2007 we celebrated the move of our head office within Unterschleißheim near Munich with a housewarming party for customers, partners and employees from all of Europe. About 150 employees will be employed in the modern offices in future. Gerhard Kratzer, co-founder of the enterprise and today's CEO, explained his future plans to representatives of local VIPs from politics and economy. With growth rates of 30 per cent per annum on an average in the nineties, the company is now placing emphasis on a growth of five to ten per cent per year and a clear rise of the profitability.


Gerhard Kratzer is expecting excellent future prospects for his company: In private traffic the increasing meaning of the environmental protection primarily is of benefit to us ". We are worldwide leading in test beds for modern turbo-superchargers, hybrid power trains and fuel cell motors. And these are undoubtedly the core technologies for a more efficient resource utilisation in the mobile society.

However, in addition to the business unit of "test systems for the car industry" the two other business units also shall continue to grow: The business unit "Logistics Automation" is profitting from the increasing introduction of modern telematics systems for the flexible control of complex supply chains. The business unit "Industrial Automation" of Kratzer Automation is involved in a leading position for the integration of production and business processes as well as the connection of management and ERP systems with the very well established product intraFACTORY in the context of manufacturing execution systems.

Gerhard Kratzer primarily would like to extend the export of all three corporate divisions considerably while concentrating the development competence in the north of Munich: "Moving into our new head office underlines our declared commitment to Germany as a location for technology and know-how. We do not want  to counteract the challenges of the globalization with offshoring into low-wage countries but with the further development of our workforce in Unterschleissheim. As long as we can gain sufficient qualified and motivated engineers and technical specialists here, our development centre will stay in Germany".

The head of the company however would not like to rule out, that additional locations might join the sales and service offices already existing today in France, Austria, Czech Republic, Mexico and China. The leadership of the medium-sized but increasingly global high tech smithy however shall remain in Unterschleissheim near Munich.