New applications in our test bench automation portfolio!

KRATZER AUTOMATION AG expands test bench automation portfolio for testing sustainable drive concepts

Based on PAtools TX, the applications are modular and open, and serve to control, regulate and visualize various test runs of energy-saving and environmentally friendly drive concepts. The individual test solutions can be created flexibly and enable reproducible, high-precision tests.
A new addition to the product range is a powerful software application for testing fuel cell stacks and systems from a single cell to a fuel cell system in 24/7 operation. The application includes the standard interfaces common in PAtools TX, allowing unlimited integration of electronic loads and measurement devices such as potentiostats and EIS meters. Adaptations to the changing requirements of our customers are possible at any time and over many years of operation. The user-oriented interface guarantees ease of use and extensive customization options, for example in an individual working environment for each user.
Stability, performance, and degradation tests are performed according to DoF, FCH, JU, EHTP. The integration of different data like driving profiles and the storage of the corresponding measurement data in all important file formats is of course given. Furthermore, we cover the simulation of controlled systems as well as a test bench and DUT simulation for HiL, SiL, and MiL applications including residual bus simulation.
Special tests such as contamination with harmful gases in concentrations down to 1 ppb are controlled automatically via the software application. Even in unattended operation, safe handling of the test stand is ensured by constant monitoring and integrated safety functions.

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