KRATZER AUTOMATION continuously growing

Successful development of business units

Within the preceding year 2012, software company KRATZER AUTOMATION increased its turnaround to 53 Million Euro, an increase of 17%.

Comparing divisions, the highest increase was achieved within the Test Systems division: With the test stand automation system PAtools, and the test data management tool testXplorer, its position as a premium supplier for test bench software has successfully expanded.
The turnaround was increased by 10% and reached 33 million Euros.
The efforts of global automotive manufacturers in making combustion engines more effective and the intense development of alternative driving concepts increased the demand in test facilities and test solutions. The company’s good position in the market is based on its expertise and international presence in important centers of the automotive industry.

The Logistics Automation division continues to operate in the transport segments of general cargo and Courier Express Parcel. In Europe, other large logistics companies and transport networks were won as additional customers. For the first time, cadis – the operative TMS – is being used by a customer on the African continent.

Measured on gross yield, the divisions were nearly equal in their performance with 52% (Test Systems) to 48% (Logistics Automation).